Posted: June 14, 2012 in Techilla

Great post on Performance monitoring using Hibernate

Thoughts on...

Performance monitoring is, by its very nature, a slippery slope. Once you start looking for inefficiencies in code, it’s easy to get carried away wanting to optimize every last line for supreme efficiency. It’s thus important to balance the value of an optimization versus the time spent investigating the proper fix, the effort and difficulty required to implement it, and its importance relative to other things on the roadmap.

Every environment, every team, and every piece of software is different – so I won’t dare try to formulate any hard and fast rules for what is an appropriate or inappropriate amount of optimization. Suffice it to say, before any decisions can be made as to whether an optimization should be implemented, the nature of the problem must be understood. Below I will show how to use functionality built into Hibernate to help understand where the performance issues in your application…

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