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Gaga over Scuba!

Posted: August 6, 2012 in outdoors

I want to dive deep and explore the underwater wonders! While that may suggest me as being a “liquid” “adventurous” soul, its stretching the truth a little thin.


As a kid I was petrified of water, thanks to a family friend who had let go of a myopic 8 year old in a humongous pond. (I come from a suburb which produced Bula Chowdhury , the first woman to cross the seven seas and huge water bodies are(were,thanks to the recent spate of construction) numerous around my area) .

It was “his” way of teaching me to swim. However, that one dive scarred my psyche for good for at least a decade or so. A good 10 years later, after my board examination , I finally decided to exorcise the demon for good and asked a kindly soul to teach me to swim. This time the “dighi”(colloquial for water pool) was the largest water body in my district.Coupled with the fact that I was practically blind without my glasses, the sight of the vast pool did nothing to soothe my nerves.However, I persevered and did manage to start swimming after 3 or 4 days I reckon. I had learnt to swim,but I didn’t love water.Not yet. Very quickly the break passed,and my next swimming moment came 6 years next, in Bangalore, in a small pool.It was hardly 15 metres long and I struggled to cross it even then. That was a very costly paying guest accommodation and with our meagre salaries, I and some of my college mates decided to search for a house. “The end” of my swimming in Bangalore.

In Singapore

Fast forward three years later, I travel to Singapore, I and some of my colleagues end up renting a condo which has a swimming pool. Within 2 months of renting the condo, we went to ‘Phuket’, probably the best place to go vacationing if you love the waters.I didn’t. I had a blast nevertheless owing to some cool friends. Even though, I snorkelled  for some time,I didn’t venture out too much.But I saw enough to understand what I was missing. Unfortunately, the condo had a gym as well, the lure of buffing up was nigh impossible to ignore. And since I am a normal human being, I couldn’t prioritize more than 2 things at the same time,so swimming again went to the back burner.

In Love

About 2 more years had passed,and I got a new flat mate,an expert swimmer who again took me to the pool.After about two more months of practising on and off,yesterday I was able to complete my first 100 metres at a single stretch and it was an exhilerating feeling.More importantly, for the first time in my life, I loved being in water. I always try to understand the “why” of things. A big reason was that I had started wearing lens. I have noticed that it’s very difficult for me to exhale under water if I close my eyes. So, the fear of water was not just fear of water, but also fear of darkness or being unable to see. So maybe sometimes,its easier to circumvent a small problem to solve a bigger one. Also, the presence of a better skilled person always helps. Yes, this is something you have to take with a pinch of salt, as being second “always” is NO fun. But improvement is what matters.


I plan to go the whole hog, be NAUI certified as a diver and and as I gleaned from I still have to go someway before I even take the test(200 m swim, 15 min underwater swim, 10 min treading). I am probably midway through all of them. So here’s wishing me the best of luck to complete this by September end.

To scuba diving!!